1980 Winners

The American Movie Awards honors excellence in film and screenwriting. Past Winners include some of Hollywood's legendary figures.

stallone-rocky-IIBest Film

Rocky II
Directed by Sylvester Stallone

alan aldaBest Actor

Alan Alda
The Seduction of Joe Tynan
Directed by Jerry Schatzberg

sally fieldBest Actress

Sally Field
Norma Rae
Directed by Martin Ritt

robert-duvallBest Supporting Actor

Robert Duvall
Apocalypse Now
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

meryl-streepBest Supporting Actress

Meryl Streep
The Deer Hunter
Directed by Michael Cimino

michael-ciminoBest Director

Michael Cimino
The Deer Hunter
Directed by Michael Cimino

china syndromeBest Screenplay

The China Syndrome
Written by James Bridges

every which way eastwoodBest Original Song

Every Which Way But Loose
Every Which Way But Loose
Written by Milton Brown, Steve Dorff, and Snuff Garrett

jane-fondaFavorite Film Star - Female

Jane Fonda

burt reynoldsFavorite Film Star - Male

Burt Reynolds

clint-eastwoodSpecial Marquee Award

Clint Eastwood


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